Monday, June 15, 2009


Jon is the inventive one in our family. He's always cooking up some experiment, so this morning I woke up to this:

"What is Jon making?"

Ahh, a solar oven, He says!

All you need to make a successful solar oven is masking tape, tin foil, scissors, and most important of all......

A smart thinking, imaginative brain.

Or two, if you please!

Jon is proud of his work.

And an adorable picture of Joshua thrown in just for
the pure cuteness of it!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mom, working in the hoop house
"scalping" the grass

Our big pile of dirt. We had lots of
fun shoveling that yesterday!

Hay we got off Craigslist free!

Dad putting gas in the rototiller,
to make our second strawberry bed.

Joshua (7), shoveling.

Jon (11), putting straw around our

Rosie (4), shoveling.........

DIRT! What kid doesn't like
shoveling that stuff?

Taking a break on the haystack!

The boys and Rosie in a silly picture!

The finished product! Tomatoes
in our hoop house.

And beautiful pansies in my garden -
and plus? They're edible!

Washing dirty feet at the end of the day!


Monday, May 4, 2009


My name is Miri, and I am the chronicler of our exciting adventures on Shiloh Farm.
First, I guess, I'll introduce you to my family. My Mom, Heather, and Dad, Corey. Katie, 18; Miri, 14 (almost 15 :0) Jonathan, 11; Daniel, 9; Joshua 6 and Rosalie, 4. Also known as Miri, Jon, Danny (or Dan), Josh and Rosie.
We also have a few pets: Rory, our Golden Retriever, 4 cats (Fizzy, Kyla, Cassie and Judah) and 7 ducks, which although they have names, I won't bore you with them as they are most commonly called "the ducks".
This year, we decided to start a farm. My Dad lost his job and this was a wonderful way to earn money. He could be here all the time and we could all help!

Anyway, hope you enjoy reading about our Haystack Adventures!

~ Miri